Mark raises questions

Mark raises questions

I have now finished the first 11 chapters of Mark.  Re-reading the gospel of Mark is leaving me with more questions.   Some points that Mark makes are leaving me confused or wanting to know more.  Some things are standing out to me that I had never paid attention to before.  Here are some of the thoughts and questions I have had over the last few days.

  • Mark’s chronology of events in Jesus’ life are interesting.  Mark seems to jump around. For instance, in Mark 9-10, we go from the Transfiguration to teaching to healing to teaching. And the teachings do not seem to have coherent connection from one to the next every time.
  • Why does Jesus predict his death three separate times in the book of Mark?
  • When Jesus’ disciples ask him a question, he seems to answer them more directly.  When the Pharisees or his accusers ask him a question, he answers indirectly with questions.
  • Why do things immediately turn “south” after Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem?  We quickly hear about the cleansing of the temple and the cursing of the fig tree and then his conversation with the Pharisees.  All of these stories instantly show us a different side of Jesus we haven’t seen as much in Mark’s gospel.

So I have had a lot of questions this week.  Some of the answers will become clear as we continue to read through Mark.  Some of the questions will remain.

What questions have you had?  What things leave you more confused?  What teachings are you seeing more clearly?

It is good to think critically as you read through the New Testament.  Remember to notice the things you haven’t picked up on before.  Remember to read carefully and hear the stories through the lens of your life experiences.  Remember God has so much to teach us through the scriptures…and our questions are a good place to start!



If You Missed Sunday’s Sermon…

Read or listen to Lord, Do We See You? — Matthew 25


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