A Letter to the Church

A Letter to the Church

In the spirit of Acts and in honor of rereading Paul’s letter to the Romans, I was inspired to write my own letter to the people of the land where I live and work and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  As I have finished rereading the Acts of the Apostles, I have been more struck this time with all the many difficult challenges that the apostles and other early believers faced.  I have been overwhelmed by the power of the political and religious authorities against the early Christians and how unwilling they were to think outside the box of the laws and religion they had always practiced.

So, my imagination has taken me to what a letter, in the style of Paul or one of the other early apostles might look like to people in 21st century right here at home.

Grace and peace to you, fellow members of the Church.  I have chosen to write you today with the spirit of encouragement and love as you continue each day to seek the truth.

The truth is you are living, working, loving, and serving in times that are tricky.  Each day we hear new debates over wages, or international affairs–issues that effect each of us differently.  Each day we learn about how some group of people, somewhere is experiencing injustice in some way.  Each day our hearts are loaded with issues that seem overwhelming.  

First, take a deep breath.

Second, listen for God.

The Holy Spirit encouraged the early believers and apostles to listen.  They had to listen intently to how God might be speaking through dreams, through their experiences, through the teachings of the apostles and even through the judgments handed down by authorities.  Remember friends, that God can speak through many different voices…so listen carefully to see how the Spirit is moving and leading you and find God’s voice and discover what God may be saying to you.  Listen carefully…God’s voice will speak truth.

Seek truth. 

There are many voices that will proclaim truth or that will seem persuasive.  Lean on people you trust, lean on the Church, lean on one another, and seek God’s truth together.  

Trust yourself. 

  • If you find yourself frustrated with what you are hearing…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit moving within you. 
  • If you find yourself completely shocked about something new you learned…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit stirring your soul.  
  • If you find yourself thinking that something you heard doesn’t feel just right…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit inviting you into conversation.
  • If you find yourself mad or concerned about the way someone (or a group of people) is (are)  being treated…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit driving you to compassion.
  • If you find yourself full of joy…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit celebrating.
  • If you find yourself somewhere new…maybe that’s the Holy Spirit working in your life.

In other words, wherever you find yourself, pay attention, listen…I believe God is at work within you. 

Church, we have a lot of work to do.  There are people who need you…and by that I mean, they need the love of Christ in their lives and we are the ones that can share God’s light and love with them.  You can do this…you are not alone…and God’s grace and peace are always with you.


If you missed Sunday’s Sermon or want to hear it again,  Laws are Meant to Change (Numbers 27:1-11)


Sunday Morning Small Group Series – Half Truths

We are exploring the truth behind common sayings, such as Everything Happens for a Reason, God’s Helps Those Who Helps Themselves, and Love the Sinner Hate the Sin. They sound Christian – like something you might find in the Bible. We’ve all heard them.  Maybe we’ve even said them. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways. Discover the whole truth by comparing Christian cliches with the wisdom found in Scripture.

Sunday Mornings from 9:45 – 10:30 am  (enjoy coffee and fellowship from 10:30 – 11:00 am)

This Week at Hood

Tuesday, June 12, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm –Volunteer at DUMA Food Pantry
Wednesday, June 13, 1:30 pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Wednesday, June 13, 6:00 pm – “Young-ish” Small Group Meeting
Thursday, June 14, 1:00-3:00 pm – Pastor Jason’s office hours at the Cellar (108 N Wilson Ave)
Sunday, June 17, 11:00 am – Worship – Father’s Day; Faces of Our Faith: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3)



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