Pulling Together

Pulling Together

I remember exactly where I was when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I was student teaching at Trinity Middle School in Washington, PA. I had been at school only a short time when the attacks happened. I remember gathering with teachers in the lounge watching the TV. I remember everyone in the school coming together to reassure and support the students. And then another plane crashed less than two hours from us in Somerset County, PA. Panic among students and parents ensued. And what happened next was remarkable.

Teachers, counselors, staff and administration came together to put a plan in place to:

  • comfort students who were scared, anxious, and hurting
  • quickly get students to their parents, especially those who had family in nearby Somerset County
  • pull in extra resources for the days ahead that would be filled with grief and anxiety
  • update our action and safety plans given the attack in case something happened in Washington or at our school

In sum, we pulled together to give extra time, attention and help to one another because of a tragedy in our community and nation.

I remember the same kind of thing happening almost 5 years earlier in September 1996 when Hurricane Fran tore through North Carolina. For more than a week after the storm, people came together to help one another. I remember going from house to house with chainsaws and hand saws and ladders cutting fallen trees off of houses. Some were friends’ houses and some were houses of folks we didn’t even know.

Pulling together in a time of tragedy and need is what we do, especially as Christians.

Hurricane Florence is on her way straight towards us if the weather predictors are correct. Many have predicted worse devastation that Hurricane Fran. I hope and pray they are all wrong! But if not, what I know without a doubt is that we will all pull together to help one another through the devastation. We will cut trees off of homes for the next month if we have to. We will all pitch in to clean up the aftermath. We will work together to rebuild our homes. We will support those who are most impacted. We will band together. And we will all be better and stronger for doing so.

You see, as the word of God told us this past Sunday, we are people of faith who trust in a God who makes light out of every dark situation. We are people who believe in finding the good in the midst of tragedy. We are people who are committed to joining hands with God to bring salvation to every broken corner of God’s good creation. Hurricane Florence may break us, but God – with our helping hands – will make us whole.

Homecoming 2018

Sunday, October 21

10:30 am – Coffee & Donuts Fellowship Time
11:00 am – Homecoming Worship
12:00 noon – Covered Dish Lunch

Make plans to attend our Homecoming Services this year, bring a neighbor or a friend, and invite any family or friends to come back and join us for the special service and reuniting with one another and Christ.

Trunk or Treat/Fall Celebration

Sunday, October 28th, 4:00 -6:00 pm

Bring your car, add some Fall decorations, and greet the children in our community for our Trunk or Treat/Fall Celebration; we are collecting bags of candy and prizes for games for this event in the hallway next to the office; we also need folks to sign up to bring their cars and open their trunks with goodies, we also serve Robie’s famous chili…it’s gonna be a fun night for all ages!

This Week at Hood

Wednesday, September 12th, 1:30 – 2:30 pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Wednesday, September 12th, 6:00 pm – Choir Practice
Thursday, September 13th,  1:00 – 3:00 pm – Drop in Coffee & Conversation with Pastor Jason at the Cellar (108 N Wilson Ave.)
Sunday, September 16th , 11:00 am – Worship –  New Series: Back in the Day…  Music provided by the Choir


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