Learning to Love

Learning to Love

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. -John 15:12

As some of our children are at camp and we are looking towards the fall, I have been reflecting on all the wonderful opportunities of service our children have had this summer to reach out to our community.  Our children, in many ways, are really learning what Jesus meant we he said “love one another.”

Our children are learning to love people they don’t know or haven’t met yet.  They are learning to show love to children who are sick and in need of God’s love.  The kids of Hood Memorial spent two days during our Yard Sale setting up their own Alex’s Lemonade Stand raising money for childhood cancer research.  They made lemonade, sold cookies and muffins, and offered their prayers for children they know and children they don’t know who are affected by childhood cancer.  The children raised $150 that went directly to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The children are also learning to love families in need.  They went to the DUMA Food Pantry and served some of the members of our community.  The children joined with other volunteers from our church and other area churches to offer smiles, love, and bags of food.  

Several of our children have been spotted at the Community Garden this summer.  The children have helped plant seeds, pull weeds, and collect squash, zucchini, and green beans that have been delivered to the Food Pantry for distribution.

In July, our children gathered to write cards, prepare food, and distribute meals to our neighbors in the Cottondale Apartments through the Ladles of Love ministry.  A couple of our young ladies wrote personal messages to deliver with the meals and again offered their love through smiles and food as they greeted our neighbors across the street.

After a summer of service and love, now several of our children are at camp, experiencing God’s love in new ways.  We support our children as they continue to learn ways to offer God’s love to ALL of God’s children.

And remember our children learn from YOU!!  They learn by watching and listening.  They learn from what they see and hear.  Your notes at camp help encourage them and remind them that they are loved, too.  We want to encourage you to continue to write letters of love, support, and encouragement to all of our children.  If there is a child you haven’t seen in a while, write them a note to let them know you miss them.  If there is a child that made you smile, write them a note to let them know.  Help us continue to teach, love, and encourage our children.  If you write a note to a child, you can bring it to the office and Pastor Joanie will make sure it gets to them.  If you need a list of names of our children, Pastor Joanie can help with that too!


To hear or read this week’s sermon:  Truth: Something More than Sacred or Secular

This Week:

Wednesday, July 31st, 1:30 pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Thursday, August 1st, 2:00 pm – Ladles of Love, Meal preparation & delivery
Sunday, August 3rd, 9:45 am – Sunday School Series  on Apocalyptic Literature
Sunday, August 3rd, 11:00 am – Worship, Special Music: Thomas Lopez


Upcoming Events:
August 9th, 8:00 pm – Movie Night at Sweet Frog in Dunn featuring the new Disney movie: Dumbo

Sunday, August 18th, 3:00 pm–Back to School Pool Party for ALL ages at the Glenn Eagle’s Community Clubhouse.


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