Proposed Ministry Structure

Proposed Ministry Structure

September Board Meeting Time Change

Though all our activities from Thursday through the weekend will be based upon the path and impact of Hurricane Dorian, we are changing the time of the Church Board meeting scheduled form Sunday , September 8. The Board will meet at 5:00pm. please note this is a different time than we previously stated.

Board Meeting – Sunday September 8 – 5:00pm

Our Ministry Structure

As our church family continues to live into God’s mission and vision for us and to grow in faith, numbers, and diversity, our church board and pastors have been examining the way we engage in the work of ministry. For many decades we have structured ministry through numerous committees. Some of these committees have worked well and others have not worked at all.

The church board spent time last May at a board retreat looking at our past structure, our current mission and vision, and the practical way that ministries are currently working. And the board recognized the need for some changes in our governing documents to reflect the way we are actually engaging in ministry faithfully and effectively today.

Below you will find a draft of proposed changes to our current bylaws which will come before the board for review beginning Sunday, Sept. 8. These changes reflect three things:

  1. Keeping the best of our rich past,
  2. Making changes to reflect how we are currently doing ministry, and
  3. Allowing for flexibility and adaptation for future needs.

We want these proposed changes in your hands as the church board begins to review and consider them. We ask for feedback, questions, and encouragement from each person connected to the Hood MCC family. You can email call or text Pastors Jason or Joanie and/or board chair Robie Butler.

Please prayerfully read and consider the possibilities to which God is guiding us through the draft Ministry Structure found below.

Ministry Structure (Proposed/DRAFT)

To fulfill its mission, Hood Memorial Christian Church shall be organized in a Mission Focused, Ministry-Intensive Structure which utilizes a combination of (1) Standing Committees, (2) Ministry Coordinators, and (3) Lead Teams (or Task Forces)

1) Standing Committees

Standing Committees serve under the direction of the Board to provide support in the ongoing administrative ministry of the church.

The Board Chair-Elect shall appoint committee chairs-elect prior to the beginning of the new church year.

Active Elders and Deacons shall serve as chairs of all standing committees.

The Chair-elect of the Board, Vice-Chair-elect of the Board, the Chairs-elect of each standing committee and the Pastoral Staff shall select the personnel of each Standing Committee, subject to the approval of the Board.

Each Standing Committee shall have a minimum of three (3) members.

Both the Board Chair and the Pastor(s) are automatically ex-officio members of each Standing Committee.

Each Standing Committee shall plan, organize and meet regularly to attend to attend to its ministry under the direction of the Board.

Regular written reports shall be made by each Standing Committee to the Board.

Each Standing Committee shall submit a proposed budget of needs to the Stewardship and Finance Committee as part of the annual budget creation process.

Steward & Finance
    Responsible to the Board for preparing and administering the Ministry of Stewardship within the church, including Stewardship Campaigns and the Budget
    Composed of Board Chair, Treasurer, Bookkeeper (if utilized), and others with the Pastor(s) serving as ex-officio members
  • Responsible to the Board for personnel policy recommendations, annual evaluations of staff, and annual review of staff salaries
  • Serves as a consultant to Ministerial Staff, Standing Committees, and Ministry Coordinators to fill staff vacancies
  • Serves as confidential and consultative body available to all staff in all personnel matters
  • Composed of Board Chair, Steward & Finance Chair, Worship Coordinator, and others appointed by the Board Chair with the Pastor(s) serving as ex-officio members
    Works with Staff to be responsible to the Board for repairs, maintenance, and upkeep of building and grounds

2) Ministry Coordinators

Individuals or Pairs of Staff and Church Members who work with Pastoral Staff to coordinate ministries within the church.

Ministry Coordinators establish, coordinate, and collaborate with Lead Teams (Task Forces) to plan, communicate, implement, and evaluate mission-focused ministries.

Ministry Coordinators ideally serve for at least one (1) years and may or may not be an elder or deacon.

Each Ministry Coordinator should maintain records of the work in his/her/their ministry area and submit budget requests to the Stewardship & Finance Committee.

Membership Co-Coordinators
    One church member (aka Clerk) & a member of the Pastoral Staff
    Responsible to the Board for nurturing a thriving membership, maintaining and updating membership records, reaching out to potential new members, and reaching in to current members who become less active
Memorial Coordinator
    Works with Pastoral Staff , Board Chair, and Treasurer to create, evaluate and administer Memorial Gift Policies and Practices
Outreach/Evangelism Coordinator
    Works with congregation, community, and staff to coordinate those mission and ministry projects, opportunities, and partnerships which reach out to the community beyond the congregation
Worship Coordinator
    Works with Pastors to be responsible to the Board for coordinating the logistics and administrative needs of regular and special worship services;
    Coordinates Deacon and Elders who serve during worship, including their duties and roles
    Responsible for worship supplies, such as communion and candles
Christian Education
    Responsible for curricular needs of small groups and bible study classes of children and adults
    Serves as a liaison for any curricular needs of lead Teams (Tasks Forces)
Welcome Coordinator
    Responsible for ministry of welcoming people during Sunday services and classes, including coordinating greeters, guest gifts, and building access.

3) Lead Teams (Task Forces)

Lead Teams are task forces created or established by Ministry Coordinator and staff to plan, implement and evaluate specific ministry tasks, events, programs, services, etc within the church.

Lead Teams are typically short-term, event-based, meet as needed, and are composed of any number of church staff, members, and attenders.

There is no limit to the number of Lead Teams.

Pastor-Parish Relations Team

Pastor-Parish Relations is a group composed of persons to be selected yearly by the minister and approved by the general board. The pastor will serve as chair. The group will function at the option of the pastor or upon the request of the general board, ideally meeting once per quarter and as needed. Pastor-Parish Relations shall cultivate the relationship between pastor(s) and the congregation and provide opportunities for counseling on matters pertaining to a pastor’s relationship with the congregation including priorities for the use of time and skills and other matters relating to the effectiveness and well-being of the Pastor and the Pastor’s family.

Read Sunday’s sermon:  Justice: Something More than Fair

This Week:

Wednesday, September 4th, 1:30 pm – Prayer & Inspiration
Wednesday, September 4th, 2:30 pm – Ladles of Love, Meal preparation & delivery
Wednesday, September 4th, 6:30 pm – Choir Practice
Sunday, September 8th , 9:45 am – Sunday School Series  on Apocalyptic Literature
Sunday, September 8th, 11:00 am – Worship
Sunday, September 8th, 5:00 pm – Board Meeting

**Save the date cards are being sent out for Homecoming/130th Anniversary Celebration on October 20th.  We have more postcards available in the church office.  We would love your help making sure we get the word out.  Please send postcards to former church members, family members, friends, and others who we want to welcome back for this special time of worship together.



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