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Let There Be…
From Captive to Captivating

Category: Division & Unity, God's Kin(g)dom, Welcoming Everyone / Speaker: Pastor Jason
June 04, 2017

Procrustes, son of Poseidon from Greek Mythology, was an iron smith and inn keeper. He offered hospitality to strangers passing his place on the road between Athens and Eleusis…for a price. Procrustes had a special bed...

Casting Cares
Beyond Belief
Resurrection: Back to Basics

Category: Identity, Mission & Vision, Resurrection / Speaker: Pastor Jason
May 09, 2017

This past Sunday, we talked about how the heart of resurrection is change. Change from one state to another, from death and despair to life and hope. That is the very essence of resurrection…a change that...

The Heart of Resurrection
Resurrecting Jesus Today
Living Resurrection