Jun 2018
A Letter to the Church

In the spirit of Acts and in honor of rereading Paul’s letter to the Romans, I was inspired to write my own letter to the people of the land where I live and work and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  As I have finished rereading the Acts of the Apostles, I have been more struck this time with all the many difficult challenges that the apostles and other early believers faced.  I have been overwhelmed by the power of the political and religious authorities against the early Christians and how......

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Feb 2018
Healing Touch

Touching someone’s life is powerful. Prayers, visits, phone calls, cards of encouragement, meals, sitting together, singing together, listening together…these all have tremendous power to bring healing into our lives. This is part of the message I shared on Sunday. And I threw some research and data at you all that showed exactly how powerful touching someone’s life within a community of faith can be. But numbers and research can be a bit overwhelming when it is just spoken. So, I want to share that with you again today in writing. Power of......

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