May 2018
Dumbfounded: God did what? ...for who?

I am dumbfounded. And it’s because of my kids. You know how kids…especially siblings…play together, right? Sometimes they play like they really love one another. And sometimes they play like they hate each other. Most of the time it’s somewhere in between. My two older girls will start out playing nice. They’re on the same page having fun. Joy Kate is princess Elsa and Nora is princess Ana. They get rambunctious acting out a scene from their favorite movie Frozen. They get further and further into the story, and then it happens. Joy Kate –......

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May 2017
Resurrection: Back to Basics

This past Sunday, we talked about how the heart of resurrection is change. Change from one state to another, from death and despair to life and hope. That is the very essence of resurrection…a change that takes place in someone, something or someplace that restores him, her or it to life…and not just any old life, but to new and abundant life. I mentioned that change can be hard…uncomfortable. But that discomfort and unrest is exactly where God meets us and finds us.  Change is where we experience the new life that God......

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