Nov 2019
Children of Saints

On this day called All Saints Sunday, I have a very basic question for you: What is a saint? Common answers might include: A good person Someone who helps others My wife! (one of our church members said!) Those are all great. And each has some truth to it (especially the last one!) Here is an answer that will help as it broadens your thinking about what a saint is: A saint is anyone who follows Jesus! That’s right! All of us who follow Jesus are saints! In fact, some Bible translations......

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Feb 2017
Be The Light You Already Are

According to childhood friend and biographer, Lewis Campbell, James was “one of the best men who ever lived.” He was known for things like: sending a heartfelt letter of condolence when a friend’s dog died Volunteering at the first college for tradesmen in England Who nursed his dying father and later his wife Kindness and generosity He was a salt of the earth kind of fellow.  His grave is in a relatively unknown place, is unremarkable and not often visited despite the fact that he made one of the greatest contributions to......

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Jan 2017
A God Who Searches

We use a lot of words to describe God: God is… Positive images: Love, Awesome, forgiving, merciful Difficult images: wrath, vengeance… Omniscient – or all-knowing Omnipresent – always around us Transcendent – far off, outside the materials world Immanent – close by, within the material world you could add to this list… But all of these are so heady….so theoretical…Sometimes I just want to know more about God’s personality. For example, I am a talker…give me a subject that I am passionate about and I will talk all day on it. I......

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