Nov 2019
Gratitude: Discipling Your Mind

What do you see in the pictures below?   Reflect on your answers for a minute. Picture 1 could be telling the story of an upwards journey, a curious man, a weary task, or….the light at the end of the tunnel. Picture 2 could be an image of a storm about to happening, the bottom about to fall out of the dark clouds, or… the light about the break through the dark clouds. Picture three could be one glass empty, one glass full, and one glass half empty/full. Or Picture 3 could be......

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Nov 2018
Growing Gratitude: Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything!

I want to give you a 50% chance to win 500. But the other 50% chance is that you must pay me $500! Will you take that gamble? Most likely, you said, “No way!” How about this gamble: a 50% chance to win $1500 or a 50% chance to lose $1000. Are you willing to take that one? Again, most people answer, “No, thanks.” In the first example, the amounts of gain or loss are equal. However, there is within us an emotional response to the potential loss which is significantly larger......

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