Nov 2019
Children of Saints

On this day called All Saints Sunday, I have a very basic question for you: What is a saint? Common answers might include: A good person Someone who helps others My wife! (one of our church members said!) Those are all great. And each has some truth to it (especially the last one!) Here is an answer that will help as it broadens your thinking about what a saint is: A saint is anyone who follows Jesus! That’s right! All of us who follow Jesus are saints! In fact, some Bible translations......

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Oct 2019
Jesus: Something More Than Your Personal Savior

Jesus died for me. Do you agree? Say it aloud with me: “Jesus died for me!” It’s wonderful! It’s comforting! I’ve heard it all my life. But there is a problem with this statement. Wait! What do you just say pastor?!? There is a problem. You see, this statement stops. It stops way too short. We say “Jesus died for me” as if that is all Jesus did. And the truth is this: Jesus died for so much more than you or me. Now, I am beyond grateful that Jesus died for......

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Oct 2018
Back in the Day: Being Together

Today is World Communion Sunday. It is in part a reminder of the many different cultures and ways of life around the world. Each of those cultures are made up of people who have lives. And World Communion Sunday is a day to get a little closer to those different people around the globe. Do you enjoy getting closer to people? You enjoy spending time together. You share important life events and deep dark secrets. And the relationship becomes so close and meaningful and wonderful that you come to the place that every good......

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