Apr 2018
Joined at the Vine - The Practice of Connecting to the Source of Life

Sometimes at the most tragic moments of life, we need something fun, something funny, something entertaining to pull us back from the dead and dying into the life we are living. So, I have figure out exactly how to do this and I am here today to impart this incredible knowledge to you. It’s really simple and it has been right in front of us all along and you are gonna kick yourself when you realize. You and I were first presented with the idea on January 25, 1987. I know right,......

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May 2017
Casting Cares

A few Sundays ago, I spoke about how the church’s overemphasis on belief has watered down Christianity into something more about our heads than our way of life. Just to remind you, I gave you this analogy: “I believe” is a lot like saying “I do” when you get married. Saying “I do” is pretty easy…well, for most of us. But actually living your “I do” is much more complicated. Saying I do is not what marriage is about.  Making concrete choices each day to extend love to another person…that’s what marriage......

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