Oct 2018
Back in the Day - A Matter of Perspective

  “”My very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas” Do you remember what this phrase is for? It’s a mnemonic device. If you guessed that it is a sentence for remembering the order and names of the planets, then you are correct! Well, at least it was until Pluto got dropped from the planetary list! It used to be a great mnemonic device because back in the day, we had 9 planets! Poor Pluto! It’s as if one day it was one of the nine and the next day it wasn’t......

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Sep 2017
Discovery - You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Last week, we talked about awareness. We played around with some exercises that helped to show us that we are not as aware as we think we are. If you remember, we watched a video of some kids passing balls and you were counting how many times they passed the ball…but I think everyone here completely missed the moon walking bear that slid right through the middle of the screen. Because you were so focused on counting the passes. You, see, we are not as aware as we think we are. There......

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