Jan 2018
Baptism: Turning Towards Ministry

Introductory Reflection Yesterday (Saturday) was Epiphany. It is that Holy Day when we celebrate the Magi visiting Jesus and the star-studded revelation that led them to the Christ child. You were probably taught long ago that there were 3 magi (wise men or kings) each bearing a gift: gold, frankincense and myrrh. However, the old hymn (We Three Kings) is not exactly correct. We don’t really know how many Magi visited Jesus. It could have been a dozen or just two. Over the centuries people have assumed there were three magi because......

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Apr 2017
Resurrecting Jesus Today

Rwanda. 1994. Just after Easter.  In 100 days over 800,000 Tutsi people are killed by the Hutu majority government.  An estimated 70-80% of the Tutsi population. After the genocide was halted by the Rwandan Patriotic Force taking control of the country, an estimated 2 million Rwandans, mostly Hutus who feared retribution, were displaced and became refugees. The rate of killing during these 100 days was higher than that of the Holocaust. And this mass killing was obviously labeled a genocide. Now, you probably have some memory of this happening, most likely because......

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Sep 2016
A Gift to Be Simple

Sometimes the most complicated things are simpler than we think. Christ message to love our neighbor as ourselves is a simple gift received through a complicated parable. Simplicity is a gift...and gifts are meant to be unwrapped....

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