Dec 2017
God With Us - Belong

All my life, I have wanted to belong. And I have tried all sorts of tactics to gain a sense of belonging. In preschool, according to my mother I was the boss. I marched around as though I was the admiral of a fleet of 3 and 4 year olds ready to conquer the world. I belonged because I was in charge. In elementary school, a move from Garner to Southern Pines meant I had to start over. I was court marshaled and no longer the admiral, but trying to work my......

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Jul 2017
The Place of Grace

  The Abraham story is filled with new ideas about God, as we heard from Rob Bell earlier. It represents a dramatic shift within human understanding of God, with the way humans thought about God.  It is a key place in the revelation of God to humanity. We always think of Jesus as the clearest and most central person in whom God is revealed. And that is so true. But even as we lift up Jesus, we must never forget how mind-blowing and thought-shattering the revelation of God was during the time......

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Jan 2017
A God Who Searches

We use a lot of words to describe God: God is… Positive images: Love, Awesome, forgiving, merciful Difficult images: wrath, vengeance… Omniscient – or all-knowing Omnipresent – always around us Transcendent – far off, outside the materials world Immanent – close by, within the material world you could add to this list… But all of these are so heady….so theoretical…Sometimes I just want to know more about God’s personality. For example, I am a talker…give me a subject that I am passionate about and I will talk all day on it. I......

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