Feb 2019
Mountains We Have Climbed: Never Climb Alone!

Think about two words with me today as we consider climbing the mountains in our lives: Support and Supplies. You don’t make it to the top of any mountain by yourself. You need support and supplies. Every climber takes supplies – climbing gear, boots, clothes, food, shelter, tools, ropes, carabiners, and whatever else may be needed for the climb. Even the shortest climbs requires, at the least, good hiking shoes and a bottle of water. Supplies are critical to making it to the top. But even the best supplies can’t solve every climbing hazard we......

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Jan 2019
Mountains We Have Climbed: Lift Your Eyes

It was the first real out of town trip with neighborhood youth that I can remember after moving to Charlotte. We had agreed to take some young folks who had been doing exemplary in school to the mountains. Why? Because they had never been! During the drive, most of the youth fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were in the mountains. Can you you imagine?! Falling asleep in nothing more than rolling hills and waking up in the midst of giant swaths of land stretching towards the sky having never......

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Aug 2017
Water Walking

For the past several weeks we have come across stories that have had a different meaning than we may have thought they had. There’s the story of Jacob which is more about a family’s struggle to accept this revolutionary idea that God is about love and grace and mercy and provision and blessing when the world had told them that gods were not like that. There’s the story of mustard seeds which aren’t really about the smallest becoming the greatest, but instead about the kingdom of God being like an invasive weed......

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