Sep 2017
Awareness - Pulling Back the Curtain of Your Life

Last week we kicked off Freeway by looking st two things: Freedom and Invitation. Using the metaphor of a train on tracks, we recognized that Freedom is about becoming who we are in the image of God…..not jumping off the track to do whatever we want because that just makes us a free wreck of a train. True freedom is not about insisting on our own way, but about being free from the kinks in our lives – free from the things that keep us from becoming all that God made us......

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Jun 2017
Love Listens

Pray with me.  Silence.  Holy One.  May we listen to You.  And by listening, may we love.  Amen. At the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, one of the requirements for graduation is a Mission Immersion Experience.  You are required to spend at least two weeks in a different culture.  During that two weeks, you spend a lot of time becoming immersed into the culture and learning about the people on a deeper level.  This trip is much different than typical mission trips.  Instead of going with the intention of doing and serving and......

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May 2017
Casting Cares

A few Sundays ago, I spoke about how the church’s overemphasis on belief has watered down Christianity into something more about our heads than our way of life. Just to remind you, I gave you this analogy: “I believe” is a lot like saying “I do” when you get married. Saying “I do” is pretty easy…well, for most of us. But actually living your “I do” is much more complicated. Saying I do is not what marriage is about.  Making concrete choices each day to extend love to another person…that’s what marriage......

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