May 2019
The Door Will Be Opened: No Exceptions

Have you ever had a vision from God? Be honest. Some of us have, but aren’t so sure we should claim it as “from God.”  Some of us haven’t had such a vision, but want to believe we have. I tend to believe that you have had a vision from God even if you haven’t realized it was from God. I think we know we have had a vision from God when something pulls us up from our life and calls us to open a door that has been closed. For example,......

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Aug 2018
Life and Faith: Are You Satisfied?

Have you see the movie The Greatest Showman? We just watched it for our movie night at The Cellar. It is a fictional story based on some history about PT Barnum. It is basically historical fiction. In the story, Barnum brings together people who are different. Specifically, he creates a lace in society for people who have been cast out of society. And Barnum makes these outcasts the stars of his show. You have to watch it – a beautiful story of grace and acceptance. (Yes, there are problems in the story......

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