Feb 2018
Serving - You Have The Power To Heal

Read with me the Story of Simon’s Mother-In-Law from Mark 1:29-31. It’s kinda sad that in over 2000 years when a couple of guys walk into someone’s home they have no clue how to fend for themselves. So they have to go to such lengths as miraculously healing the sick lady of the house to get anything done. Some of you ladies out there are thinking this woman was pretty smart. She knew as soon as those guys walked in that they couldn’t do anything for themselves….so she comes down with a......

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Jan 2018
Baptism: Turning Towards Ministry

Introductory Reflection Yesterday (Saturday) was Epiphany. It is that Holy Day when we celebrate the Magi visiting Jesus and the star-studded revelation that led them to the Christ child. You were probably taught long ago that there were 3 magi (wise men or kings) each bearing a gift: gold, frankincense and myrrh. However, the old hymn (We Three Kings) is not exactly correct. We don’t really know how many Magi visited Jesus. It could have been a dozen or just two. Over the centuries people have assumed there were three magi because......

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Jun 2017
Love Listens

Pray with me.  Silence.  Holy One.  May we listen to You.  And by listening, may we love.  Amen. At the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, one of the requirements for graduation is a Mission Immersion Experience.  You are required to spend at least two weeks in a different culture.  During that two weeks, you spend a lot of time becoming immersed into the culture and learning about the people on a deeper level.  This trip is much different than typical mission trips.  Instead of going with the intention of doing and serving and......

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