Jan 2018
Baptism: Turning Towards Ministry

Introductory Reflection Yesterday (Saturday) was Epiphany. It is that Holy Day when we celebrate the Magi visiting Jesus and the star-studded revelation that led them to the Christ child. You were probably taught long ago that there were 3 magi (wise men or kings) each bearing a gift: gold, frankincense and myrrh. However, the old hymn (We Three Kings) is not exactly correct. We don’t really know how many Magi visited Jesus. It could have been a dozen or just two. Over the centuries people have assumed there were three magi because......

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Sep 2016
A Gift to Be Simple

Sometimes the most complicated things are simpler than we think. Christ message to love our neighbor as ourselves is a simple gift received through a complicated parable. Simplicity is a gift...and gifts are meant to be unwrapped....

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