Jun 2018
The Ripple Effect: How One Drop Changes Everything

One early evening on a lonely country road, an old man was standing on a bridge, high above a deep river. He had just dropped a pebble over the railing to see how long it would take to hit the water. As he watched the ripples fanning out, along came a pickup truck. It slowly came to a stop, but the motor kept running. The old man noticed the name painted on the door: Jack’s Greenhouse Nurseries. Walking up to the window, he saw a man behind the wheel with his head......

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Jan 2018
Discovering The Power In Your Life

Have you ever got a new pet? And struggled with training it? Joanie and I got our first dog a month or so after we got engaged. He was a beagle mix. We named him Jesse and he and loved to go sniffing and chasing things. We struggled with training him. He was one of those dogs that you didn’t really take for a walk…because you didn’t walk him. He walked you! Jesse would pull us around the neighborhood from smell to smell. And we would pull back against him trying to......

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Mar 2017
God Welcomes Everyone

Yesterday, my friend from CLT, my right hand man in ministry, my brother, came to visit us. I have spoken about him before. Ray has a checkered history that follows him everywhere he goes – mostly drugs, abuse, neglect, among other things. He is the kind of person that many folks look down upon. His record, his decisions, his appearance have often led to folks negatively judging him and sometimes refusing to help him. Even some of the people within our former ministry in Charlotte stopped wanting to help him because of various......

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