Dec 2018

Dr. Kathy Lopez, Professor of Old Testament, Campbell University: Luke 3:1-6 Malachi 3:1-4 There is a mental game that I think all people play at some point in their lives: The “if I were god” game.  There are different forms of it. Sometimes we play the version that I call, “If I ran the world.” You know,   “if I ran the world no one would go hungry,” or “If I ran the world my life would be better somehow.” There are other versions of this game. There’s the one that goes something......

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Jul 2016
A Legacy: Creating Something That Outlives You

"The only legacy we leave is that forged in relationship." Let us not simply forge a relationship with our self and the rich man of the parable and succumb to the solitude of greed. But instead let us reach out to God and to all God's diverse children in relationship so that our legacy will be one of love and grace....

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