Sep 2019
You Are Something More

Consider your crown. Seriously, consider you crown. that may sound strange right now. Allow me to explain. We go about our daily lives – the rituals and routines. We go through the motions. We eat, sleep, work a lot and play a little. And do it all over again the next day. It’s easy for life to become mundane. It’s easy to just let the days pass in the wind. Sometimes it’s easy to enjoy. Sometimes it’s easy to become frustrated, to let the little things get to us. More and more......

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Mar 2019
Un-Busy: Tempo

Since the new year, my life has been going at a break neck pace. There’s been the work of being a pastor, spending time with my family, kids involved in sports and music, a house renovation, and most recently a busy workshop/training schedule. Now, I know. Some of you are going to come straight to me after service and express your concern, tell me I need to slow down, stop helping so many people, stop doing extra things, focus on what is most important, and so on. Well, the truth is that......

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