Aug 2019
The Bible: Something More Than What You Read

Last week, we talked about the Bible as something more than what we think it is. The Bible is a collection of stories, letters and books of many different genres written by real people in real places during real times throughout history. It was written by people who struggled and wrestled and doubted and succeeded and failed and celebrated and lamented. These people were trying their best to understand themselves, God, and their relationship with God in this good, but messy, world of ours. These people had different perspectives, different ideas. They saw......

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May 2018
Dumbfounded: God did what? ...for who?

I am dumbfounded. And it’s because of my kids. You know how kids…especially siblings…play together, right? Sometimes they play like they really love one another. And sometimes they play like they hate each other. Most of the time it’s somewhere in between. My two older girls will start out playing nice. They’re on the same page having fun. Joy Kate is princess Elsa and Nora is princess Ana. They get rambunctious acting out a scene from their favorite movie Frozen. They get further and further into the story, and then it happens. Joy Kate –......

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