Oct 2018
Back in the Day: Being Together

Today is World Communion Sunday. It is in part a reminder of the many different cultures and ways of life around the world. Each of those cultures are made up of people who have lives. And World Communion Sunday is a day to get a little closer to those different people around the globe. Do you enjoy getting closer to people? You enjoy spending time together. You share important life events and deep dark secrets. And the relationship becomes so close and meaningful and wonderful that you come to the place that every good......

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Oct 2017
Freedom - Rescued To Be A Rescuer

Today is the culmination of our Freeway series! We’ve been on a 7-week journey and amazing things have been happening. I want to share a few highlights with you Sunday mornings – 7 week intentional journey to find freedom from things that get us down and hold us back Small Groups – Men! Women! Younger couples (15 – over half are new people!) Children! Each week many of you have engaged in personal and spiritual reflection through the 3-4 devotions Joanie and I sent out via email or our website We have......

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May 2017
Casting Cares

A few Sundays ago, I spoke about how the church’s overemphasis on belief has watered down Christianity into something more about our heads than our way of life. Just to remind you, I gave you this analogy: “I believe” is a lot like saying “I do” when you get married. Saying “I do” is pretty easy…well, for most of us. But actually living your “I do” is much more complicated. Saying I do is not what marriage is about.  Making concrete choices each day to extend love to another person…that’s what marriage......

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