Apr 2018
A Sheepish Relationship

We have several unique pieces of art in the sanctuary at Hood Memorial Christian Church. And today, on Good Shepherd Sunday, I want to point out to you the Good Shepherd window. Many sermons and poems and songs about the Good Shepherd. They all have a message. And our window has some messages in it. Some of which may be hidden to you right now. Like most pastors and painters and poets, our window suggests that the Good Shepherd is about relationship. But not in the way you might think! Think with......

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Nov 2017
Because - To Love Is To Live

This is Part 3 of a 3 Part series called Because.¬† See Part 1: Because – Context Matters¬†and Part 2: Because – Living Out Of Fear Have you ever played this game: I spy with my little eye, something…. My kids enjoy playing this game in the car. And a lot of times it keeps them calm and focused…and so we welcome the game. Other times they beg me to play with them while driving and while I want to play, it can get down right distracting looking for what they want......

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