Oct 2017
Freedom - Rescued To Be A Rescuer

Today is the culmination of our Freeway series! We’ve been on a 7-week journey and amazing things have been happening. I want to share a few highlights with you Sunday mornings – 7 week intentional journey to find freedom from things that get us down and hold us back Small Groups – Men! Women! Younger couples (15 – over half are new people!) Children! Each week many of you have engaged in personal and spiritual reflection through the 3-4 devotions Joanie and I sent out via email or our website We have......

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Jul 2017
I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Means

Meaning* Inconceivable. It’s the iconic exclamation of Vizzini. An alleged genius who has captured Princess Buttercup with the help of two hired men – a giant and a swordsman.¬† As the three villains attempt to escape, a mysterious man in black begins to thwart their escape at every turn. Each time the man in black one ups them, Vizzini exclaims in disbelief, “Inconceivable!” They discover the man in black following them in a boat. And it is,¬†Inconceivable! They realize the man’s boat is gaining on them. Inconceivable! While climbing the cliffs of......

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