Nov 2019
Children of Saints

On this day called All Saints Sunday, I have a very basic question for you: What is a saint? Common answers might include: A good person Someone who helps others My wife! (one of our church members said!) Those are all great. And each has some truth to it (especially the last one!) Here is an answer that will help as it broadens your thinking about what a saint is: A saint is anyone who follows Jesus! That’s right! All of us who follow Jesus are saints! In fact, some Bible translations......

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May 2017
Casting Cares

A few Sundays ago, I spoke about how the church’s overemphasis on belief has watered down Christianity into something more about our heads than our way of life. Just to remind you, I gave you this analogy: “I believe” is a lot like saying “I do” when you get married. Saying “I do” is pretty easy…well, for most of us. But actually living your “I do” is much more complicated. Saying I do is not what marriage is about.  Making concrete choices each day to extend love to another person…that’s what marriage......

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