Nov 2019
Gratitude: Discipling Your Mind

What do you see in the pictures below?   Reflect on your answers for a minute.¬†Picture 1 could be telling the story of an upwards journey, a curious man, a weary task, or….the light at the end of the tunnel. Picture 2 could be an image of a storm about to happening, the bottom about to fall out of the dark clouds, or… the light about the break through the dark clouds. Picture three could be one glass empty, one glass full, and one glass half empty/full. Or Picture 3 could be......

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Sep 2019
Justice: Something More Than Fair

Do you love God? Think about this question for a moment. Respond out loud. Do you love God? Okay, great. Thanks for your answers. Next question: Is it possible to believe one thing but act in an opposite way? Before you answer that one, think of a few things you were taught as a child that you believe are good things to do. For example, look both ways before you cross the street. Or treat your elders with respect. Or do unto others as you would have them to unto you. So,......

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