Feb 2018
Change - Seeing Again For The First Time

I have a somewhat unpopular and uncomfortable topic today. Are you ready for it? Okay, here it is: God can change. Folks often talk about how God can change us humans. But we don’t often talk about God as the one who changes. But it’s true. Just look to scripture for examples… Moses changes God’s mind on Mt Sinai. (see Exodus 32 – verse 14: And the Lord changed his mind about the disaster that he planned to bring on his people.) Psalmist sings prayers to change God’s mind all the time (for example, Psalm......

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Feb 2017

Someone who has changed my life: Caren Enloe. She taught me more about life than I could begin to explain. I always enjoyed music, but Caren changed me.  During the summer before high school, she offered me free trombone lessons and over the next 4 years, she invested her life into me and several other students. It was because of Caren that my enjoyment was transformed into passion and vocation. There were 4 of us students: Matt, Stevie, Raj and myself.  We all traveled in different crowds, yet she brought us together…showing......

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