Mar 2019
Mountains We Have Climbed

The Transfiguration in 4 Movements Glory Jesus is tranfigured, that is, transformed and changed on the mountain. His face literally glows and shines a dazzling white! And the disciples almost miss it! They are falling asleep! There is a sense of mystery in the story. And mystery is alluring; it draws us into the story. Story begs us to ask: What is going on here? We know what will happen to Jesus and so in hindsight this transformation isn’t even as profound as resurrection. But try to put that out of your......

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Oct 2017
Acceptance - Finding Beauty in the Broken

Have you ever thought to yourself: cant things just go back to the way they used to be? You make a mistake, hurt a friend hurt, and realize trust has been broken and you just wish to yourself: Can’t we just go back to the way it used to be? That little girl who you swung over your shoulders and sang lullabies to and rode the carousel with is now dating boys and wearing makeup and – lord knows what else! And you think: Can’t we just go back to the way it used......

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May 2017
Casting Cares

A few Sundays ago, I spoke about how the church’s overemphasis on belief has watered down Christianity into something more about our heads than our way of life. Just to remind you, I gave you this analogy: “I believe” is a lot like saying “I do” when you get married. Saying “I do” is pretty easy…well, for most of us. But actually living your “I do” is much more complicated. Saying I do is not what marriage is about.  Making concrete choices each day to extend love to another person…that’s what marriage......

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