Dec 2018

Dr. Kathy Lopez, Professor of Old Testament, Campbell University: Luke 3:1-6 Malachi 3:1-4 There is a mental game that I think all people play at some point in their lives: The “if I were god” game.  There are different forms of it. Sometimes we play the version that I call, “If I ran the world.” You know,   “if I ran the world no one would go hungry,” or “If I ran the world my life would be better somehow.” There are other versions of this game. There’s the one that goes something......

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May 2017
Beyond Belief

Are you familiar with the I AM statements in the Bible? There are 7 of them (some folks advocate for 8).  They all say something different, something unique. I am… The Bread of Life The Light of the World The Door The Good Shepherd The Resurrection and the Life The Way the Truth and the Life The True Vine So, given their differences, which one is true? Which one do you believe in? This is not a fair question is it? But isn’t this the attitude of many in our society today? Isn’t......

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