Jan 2019
Mountains We Have Climbed - We Make The Path By Walking

Scripture is full of mountains. It’s full of people who set out on a journey with a mountain before them which they must climb. People like like Adam and Eve who are formed from the dust of the earth into humans and brought to life with the breath of God. They look out upon the earth for the first time and the entire mountain of human experience before them. People like Abraham and Sarah who faced a mountain of infertility God had promised them that they world have descendants more numerous than......

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Aug 2017
Water Walking

For the past several weeks we have come across stories that have had a different meaning than we may have thought they had. There’s the story of Jacob which is more about a family’s struggle to accept this revolutionary idea that God is about love and grace and mercy and provision and blessing when the world had told them that gods were not like that. There’s the story of mustard seeds which aren’t really about the smallest becoming the greatest, but instead about the kingdom of God being like an invasive weed......

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