Nov 2017
Standing In The Gap

There’s an iconic scene from movies and tv shows: some force is threatening a group of people and a hero holds back the danger to save the day. Sometimes is a superhero show and there is something threatening the entire world. Sometimes is a spy show, mystery or drama, and there’s something threatening a small group of folks, members of a team trying to solve a puzzle. It’s even in military shows where a city or community or nation are threatened. But whatever the type of story, some character steps up to......

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Aug 2017
Water Walking

For the past several weeks we have come across stories that have had a different meaning than we may have thought they had. There’s the story of Jacob which is more about a family’s struggle to accept this revolutionary idea that God is about love and grace and mercy and provision and blessing when the world had told them that gods were not like that. There’s the story of mustard seeds which aren’t really about the smallest becoming the greatest, but instead about the kingdom of God being like an invasive weed......

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