Feb 2018
Mission: What If God Is Already There?

We spent a good amount of time last year working on our church mission statement. Our mission is to serve Christ by mutually supporting one another and embodying God’s grace and love for all This is a great mission statement, and we spent time on this for good reason. It helps us clarify and connect to our sense of shared purpose and calling. It gives us a practical way of thinking through the things we consider doing and saying in our church community. But we also need a reminder. We are not......

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Apr 2017
Becoming Whole Again

I remember starting the 5th grade. There was some confusion about what teacher I had that year. You see, my teacher had just been married. The previous year, she was Ms Slaughter…not exactly the name you want to see on your Welcome Back to School letter. “Your in Ms Slaughter’s class!” After getting married over the summer, Ms. Slaughter became Mrs. Simple. Pretty dramatic change in names… at least in the mind of a 5th grader. Her class was one that most kids wanted because of a big end of year field......

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