May 2019
The Door Will Be Opened: No Exceptions

Have you ever had a vision from God? Be honest. Some of us have, but aren’t so sure we should claim it as “from God.”  Some of us haven’t had such a vision, but want to believe we have. I tend to believe that you have had a vision from God even if you haven’t realized it was from God. I think we know we have had a vision from God when something pulls us up from our life and calls us to open a door that has been closed. For example,......

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Apr 2017
Living Resurrection

Those of us who grew up Christian have a pre-understanding of Easter, just as we do of Good Friday and Christmas. That understanding shapes the way we hear of these stories. To be sure, it makes them beloved stories of our affection.  They remind us of years past when we heard them told….of people we were with and places we were at. The remind us of plays and musicals performed over the years.  They have become a beautiful part of our memory that will live with us forever. And our pre-understanding also......

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