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Sep 2017
Digging Deep

Freeway, Week 2 – Awareness – Pulling Back the Curtain of Your Life Devotion 1 Take some time to consider the following questions. Write down your top 3 answers for each one, even if they are duplicate answers (especially if they are duplicate answers!). What is causing you to worry right now? What are you concerned about right now? What causes you stress? What is keeping you up at night? Are there any connections between the things you wrote down? What do you notice about your answers? During Sunday’s Message, Pastor Jason......

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Jun 2017
Poured Into Our Hearts

Pain, struggle, hurt, grief, challenges, adversity, anguish, difficulty, suffering are all part of the journey along the road of life. Sometimes we seem to be on a stretch of road defined by these words more often than not. At other times, the road is clear, straight and easy-going. But even in such times, you can be sure that there will be more difficult terrain ahead at some point. One helpful perspective that people of faith have relied upon during times of struggle for centuries comes from Paul in the book of Romans:......

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