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Apr 2019
Need Balance? Just Breathe!

Sunday’s message is right here, just in case you missed it! Un-busy: Balance Next Steps from Sunday’s Message Reflect: What did you hear differently today about “timing” from today’s sermon? How does the context of Ecclesiastes change or shape your reading of the Ecclesiastes 3 passage? Reflect: What is your understanding of “the breath of God”? How can the “breath of God” breathe into your daily routine and sense of balance? Practice: Take time to read Ecclesiastes 3 again. What is something new that stands out to you?  Write it down.  Reflect......

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Jan 2018
Freedom & Purpose

If you have grown up in the United States as a citizen, you have no doubt been taught you are free and that freedom is the sine qua non of life. We love freedom. We write books and make movies about freedom. We teach our children about freedom. We craft laws and policy to protect freedom. We fight for freedom. Freedom probably has the top place on the list of priorities for most every American. So, listen to what Paul has to say about freedom in our lives: I have the freedom......

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