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Jul 2019

Faith is more than believing in ideas or statements about that which is beyond human knowledge and certainty. Faith is more than beliefs about God, Jesus, and the divine. Faith is trusting in someone through a tried-and-true relationship. Faith is more than believing that God exists, that Jesus died and was resurrected. Faith is beloving God through a relationship with Jesus. That’s the general gist of this past Sunday’s message – Faith: Something More Than Belief. There is a beautiful story that illustrates this kind of faith which is something more than what......

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Apr 2018
A Little Behind

My sixth month reading plan is looking more like 7 to 8 month reading through the Bible now.  I confess that I have gotten a little off track over the past few weeks. However, my commitment remains and my journey continues.  Today, we move into the fourth gospel. After reading the first couple chapters of John, here are a few things I’ve noticed: The Word became flesh and called his disciples!  John wastes no time.  We have this great philosophical beginning, the preaching of John the Baptist and then bam-John sees Jesus......

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Oct 2017
Who Am I?

If you missed Sunday’s Sermon… Read or listen to Acceptance – Finding Beauty in The Broken (Freeway, Week 6) Devotion 2 Who Am I? (Circle, Check or Underline Your Answers) Other: ________________________ What Identity Do You Align With The Most? Who Are You On God’s Eyes? What Statements Do You Believe Are True About You? (Circle, Check or Underline Your Answers) Other: ________________________ It’s OK to acknowledge your feelings, but you don’t always have to agree with them. Don’t empower your inner critic. Give yourself some grace. Do you think you’re being too......

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