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Oct 2018
Invest in Love

When Christians want to know what the Bible says about money and stewardship and investments, we typically look to the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. I cannot tell you how often I have heard this parable used to explain to me how God is displeased when we do not save and invest our money to multiply it. And I have always been troubled by that line of thinking for two reasons: There are so many other passages in the Bible that teach us differently. For example, Luke 18 says: Sell everything......

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Apr 2017
More Than a Name

When did Jesus become more than a name to you? When we first learn about Jesus, we read stories, we sing songs, we listen to sermons (maybe podcasts, too, nowadays), and we may act out skits. Learning about Jesus, knowing his parables and stories is one thing.  But actually grasping the significance of the man behind the stories is another thing. We might know the name, but being awakened to the life, death and resurrection of the person is a much deeper knowing. Through the Easter story, Jesus fully becomes Christ.  Because of Easter,......

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Mar 2017
Affirming Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to… serve Christ through mutually supporting one another & embodying God’s grace and love for all We envision… a diverse church led by Christ to open its doors in love and service to all This coming Sunday, we will have a church-wide conference meeting directly after worship to vote on several items. Among those items is a final vote on our proposed Mission & Vision Statements. As we prepare for that vote on Sunday, I wanted to share a few thoughts on these statements. Our Mission is to… serve Christ......

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