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Jan 2018
Freedom & Purpose

If you have grown up in the United States as a citizen, you have no doubt been taught you are free and that freedom is the sine qua non of life. We love freedom. We write books and make movies about freedom. We teach our children about freedom. We craft laws and policy to protect freedom. We fight for freedom. Freedom probably has the top place on the list of priorities for most every American. So, listen to what Paul has to say about freedom in our lives: I have the freedom......

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Apr 2017
Good Gratitude

One of the gifts of being a pastor is the invitation to walk with folks through the difficult times of life. Because of this gift, I get to hear how folks are dealing with tough situations. And I value every thought idea and word shared. They give me amazing insight into how we humans cope with life through both the good and not-so-good. Part of being a pastor who cares about folks journeying through difficult times is checking in on them. So, I often find myself asking a question like, “How are......

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