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Apr 2018
Faith & Doubt

About this time of year after Easter, we traditionally read the story from the gospel of John about Thomas. We like to call him Doubting Thomas. And most often pastors set up Thomas as a man whose doubt made him a persons of weak faith. These pastors say that we need to heed Jesus words and believe even though we do not see because doing so makes us blessed. The essential message is that doubt implies lack of faith. So do not doubt. Instead trust and believe what you may not see.......

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Jun 2017
Poured Into Our Hearts

Pain, struggle, hurt, grief, challenges, adversity, anguish, difficulty, suffering are all part of the journey along the road of life. Sometimes we seem to be on a stretch of road defined by these words more often than not. At other times, the road is clear, straight and easy-going. But even in such times, you can be sure that there will be more difficult terrain ahead at some point. One helpful perspective that people of faith have relied upon during times of struggle for centuries comes from Paul in the book of Romans:......

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May 2017
More Than Belief

Belief is a tricky thing. Belief for many is something they stake their lives on. For others belief is an honest and vulnerable journey of discovery traveled throughout a lifetime. Sometime we believe what we say and say what we believe. Other times we say we believe in something, but sure don’t act like it. And sometimes we deny we believe even though our actions say otherwise. For example, I believe in free speech. But there are some forms of speech I do not accept, will not support and I  certainly will......

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