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May 2018
The Struggle

This week we have been finishing up the gospel of John in our sixth month New Testament reading journey. One of the things that has stood out to me this time I have read through the gospel of John is how much Jesus seems to struggle.   Think about these images of struggle in John’s gospel: Chapter 2 – Jesus struggles with his mother: “My hour has not yet come.” (v.4) Chapter 2 – Jesus struggles to make the temple pure again: “Stop making my Father’s house a market-place!” (v.16) Chapter 5 –......

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Oct 2017

If you missed Sunday’s Sermon Read or listen to Ownership – You Can’t Blame Your Way To Freedom (Freeway, Week 4) Devotion 3 Hurt is a common experience. We are hurt by others. And we hurt others. And in any experience of hurt, every person involved has some contribution to the hurt. The question is this: Will we own the way(s) we contribute to the hurt? With that in mind, let’s reflect a little. What are the most common ways that you hurt others? I demand that my needs be met by......

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