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Feb 2018
God's Intro

Imagine talking to someone about God who had never heard of such a being. What would you say? How would you describe God? What characteristics best communicate who God is? Or pretend you wee introducing God at a big fancy event to people who had never heard of God. What are God’s accomplishments, highlights or achievements? What would God’s biography look like? One psalmist does just this. Psalm 50 opens with a poetic bio of God. Check it out… From the rising of the sun to where it sets,     God, the Lord......

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Oct 2017
Who Am I?

If you missed Sunday’s Sermon… Read or listen to Acceptance – Finding Beauty in The Broken (Freeway, Week 6) Devotion 2 Who Am I? (Circle, Check or Underline Your Answers) Other: ________________________ What Identity Do You Align With The Most? Who Are You On God’s Eyes? What Statements Do You Believe Are True About You? (Circle, Check or Underline Your Answers) Other: ________________________ It’s OK to acknowledge your feelings, but you don’t always have to agree with them. Don’t empower your inner critic. Give yourself some grace. Do you think you’re being too......

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