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Jun 2017
Poured Into Our Hearts

Pain, struggle, hurt, grief, challenges, adversity, anguish, difficulty, suffering are all part of the journey along the road of life. Sometimes we seem to be on a stretch of road defined by these words more often than not. At other times, the road is clear, straight and easy-going. But even in such times, you can be sure that there will be more difficult terrain ahead at some point. One helpful perspective that people of faith have relied upon during times of struggle for centuries comes from Paul in the book of Romans:......

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Apr 2017
Deep Consciousness of God

What rests deep within your consciousness throughout the day? Worries? Hopes? Fears? Successes? Failures? Your “To Do” list? What if each day were filled with a deep consciousness of God? What would that look and feel like? What would it take for that to happen in your life? Maybe you are already there. But if you are like me, I am always trying to deepen my mind and heart with a sense of God’s presence. One passage I have focused on this week comes from 1 Peter 1:17-23. Here’s a few verses that......

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Mar 2017
Into The Ashes

An Ash Wednesday Service – Lent is perhaps the most profound spiritual journey of the year.  It is about discovering yourself through spiritual practices like meditation, prayer and fasting.  And in discovering more about ourselves we often find that we need to turn and walk in a new direction, a different direction, a direction that leads us to wholeness.  Come and join us on Wednesday, March 1 as we begin this journey together. For You are Dust… (Genesis 3:19)...

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