Tag: New Testament

Sep 2018
Back to the New Testament: Romans

No excuses!  The truth is I didn’t finish the New Testament in six months.  I got behind and almost gave up.  After a conversation or two, I realized there were a few others who may have gotten behind in the readings.  So, let’s pick up where we left off and continue reading through the New Testament.  We can do this together…and we still have a lot to learn. We are picking back up with Romans.  As you begin to reread the letter Paul wrote to the early believers in Rome, consider what......

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Jan 2018
Matthew: Jesus Fulfills

The journey has begun.  Admittedly a few days late, but I have made it through the first three chapters of Matthew.  This year certainly hasn’t started off as I had hoped, but that’s why I have you all on the journey with me…holding me accountable. During the first three chapters, Matthew spends a lot of time building Jesus’ credibility.  Matthew almost seems like a lawyer setting up all the reasons we should believe him. He spends the first 17 verses of his Gospel detailing Jesus’ lineage so we will be reminded of......

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