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Aug 2019
Tools for Interpretation: Ask & Imagine

After talking about Biblical Interpretation this past Sunday, I want to offer you some practical tools to use in your Bible study than can aid in your interpretation of scripture. To begin, I want to return to the image I used on Sunday about studying and interpreting scripture. Scripture should be studied as though it were a precious gem. When you look at a gem, the light refracts off of every face of the gem. And every gem has many, many faces. So, as you study it, you turn it around and......

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Oct 2017

If you missed Sunday’s Sermon Read or listen to Ownership – You Can’t Blame Your Way To Freedom (Freeway, Week 4) Devotion 3 Hurt is a common experience. We are hurt by others. And we hurt others. And in any experience of hurt, every person involved has some contribution to the hurt. The question is this: Will we own the way(s) we contribute to the hurt? With that in mind, let’s reflect a little. What are the most common ways that you hurt others? I demand that my needs be met by......

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