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Sep 2018
Preparations. . .

. . .I will be with you. -Isaiah 43:2 We hope you have all the water and bread you may need.  We hope you have stored up lots of peanut butter and jelly.  We hope you have your batteries and candles ready.  We hope you have a plan for communication if the power goes out.  We hope you have tied down all swings and outdoor furniture.  We know each of you have your own checklists.  We encourage and invite you to check out this website with last minute tips and hints about......

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May 2017
Living Stones

I have a memory to share, and it begins with an ancient proverb: A rolling stone gathers no moss. Perhaps you have heard this old proverb credited to Publilius Syrus, a 1st century Latin writer who had been a slave freed because of his wit and talent and even won the praise of Caesar. The proverb was apparently written to condemn mobility – constantly being on the move. Moss was seen as desirable and so to grow something desirable, one must plant him/herself. However, today we tend to think negatively of moss, that......

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