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Dec 2018
Draw Near to Justice

This week we share with you one of the paintings and artist statements from our Draw Near Advent Series.  There are several beautiful depictions of the Advent story that we won’t cover on Sunday mornings.  Take time to look at the painting, reflect, and study what you see, read the scripture reference, and then ponder over the artist’s statement below. Equilibrium by Lisle Gwynn Garrity inspired by Luke 3: 7-18 John the Baptist cries out from the wilderness, willed by the vision of a world where the crooked will be made straight......

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Mar 2017
Sacred Spaces

Are there specific places that are important to you?  Are there places where you faith has been shaped and developed? Is there a place you went as a young child or a camp that is meaningful to you? Is there a place that you like to return to you and revisit your memories of how you were shaped by God when you were younger?  Is there a sacred space in your life where you can find God and come back to your relationship with God?  Is there a quiet spot in your......

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