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Mar 2019
Adjusting Your Tempo

Sunday morning in worship, I encouraged you to think about the tempo of your life. Is the pace of activity in your life too fast, too slow, or just about right? It would be easy to simple think about being busy or idle, but the truth is our feelings about life have more to do with tempo at any given moment than whether we are busy or not. Sometimes I can be busy and feel energized. And, in contrast, I can be well rested but restless. If you begin paying more attention......

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Sep 2018
A Guide for Worship (the work of the Lord)

Worship.  Like many of you, my soul does not feel at peace when I am not in the hallowed walls of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am.  Our traditions and habits have ingrained in us a sense of responsibility to honor God in a particular way in particular place.  Those traditions and habits form us into the Christians we are.  Thanks be to God.  So, I miss not gathering together this morning with each of you.  There’s a piece of me that is missing by not being with you. Yet,......

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Jun 2018
Better Together

Have you ever tried to tackle a problem by yourself? I have a history of doing so. In school instead of studying in a group, I would typically do things on my own. I have always liked to take projects on by myself. I like the satisfaction of doing something with my own hands from start to finish. I sometimes feel bad about inconveniencing others by pulling them in to my work. I often underestimate the real amount of work needed to complete a task thinking I can handle it quickly only......

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